Vascular Access Training

CentraLineMan Pro System

CentraLineMan® Pro System, a member of Simulab's ultrasound vascular access product collection, sets the bar in combining realism, affordability, and ease-of-use.
Surgical Simulator

TraumaMan System


Simulab's Complete Airway Management Trainer


Arterial Line & ABG Trainer

The new Simulab Ultrasound ArteriaLine and ABG Trainer allows educators to train ultrasound-guided radial artery catheterization and perform ABG sampling.

PacerMan™ System

PacerMan is the first high-fidelity simulator for immersive transvenous pacing from insertion to capture using your own equipment.

Simulab Corporation

Simulab is dedicated to replicating human anatomy, and building realistic, easy-to-use training tools for healthcare simulation.

By collaborating closely with leading educators worldwide, leveraging our over 25 years of experience and constantly pushing the boundaries of realistic tissue discovery, Simulab has become the market leader for realistic and affordable trainers for a vast array of healthcare simulation models.

CentraLineMan Pro

Innovation in Vascular Access Training

CentraLineMan Pro

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Partnering with you since 2001

ATLS Collection

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TraumaMan Chest Procedure

Expanded Functionality

PacerMan now includes Synchronous Pacing

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TraumaMan has been a mainstay of our ICEP Emergent Procedures Course, our EM house staff and student courses, and our recent ACEP Simulation-Based Immersive Medical (SIM) Training Course. Highly recommend!

Ernest Wang, M.D. NorthShore University Health System