Surgical Abdomen System

Surgical Team Training Platform For Open And Laparoscopic Events

Immerse your students in surgery with a blood filled abdomen and multi-layered tissues that look and feel real. With the Surgical Abdomen Training System, full surgical teams can work to improve their technical skills while focusing on communication and teamwork. Our easy-to-use platform integrates into your TraumaMan System. And, the Universal Surgical Abdomen Training System can be used on its own, or with any upper body task trainer. Scenario options include: Nicked Aorta, Nicked Renal Artery, Lacerated Kidney and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. To take surgical simulation even further, the system also allows you to build your own open and laparoscopic scenarios.


Realistic. Affordable. Portable.

Universal Surgical Abdomen
Team Training System

The Universal Surgical Abdomen Training System is a new stand-alone solution in the growing area of team training. It's flexible enough to accommodate a wide array of surgical scenarios and easily integrates with CentraLineMan, Interscalene/Supraclavicular Nerve Block, or any upper body task trainer. 

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