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About Simulab

Since 1994, Simulab has been committed to providing medical simulators and task trainers to the medical education community.

By collaborating with leading educators worldwide, leveraging its years of experience, and bringing a specialized knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes to the medical industry, Simulab has become the market leader in the development of realistic and affordable trainers for a wide array of educational needs. With research and development efforts focused on anatomical realism and product innovation, Simulab has contributed significant advances to the field of simulation. The TraumaMan System has virtually replaced the use of human cadavers and live animals for ATLS and is the world’s most widely used surgical simulator. Simulab has also developed a pediatric surgical simulator - TraumaChild. Simulab’s central line trainers also include adult and pediatric version and offer highly durable replaceable tissues that respond to ultrasound imaging for needle guidance. With the introduction of SonoMan and SonoMom, the first multi-procedure, multi-patient platforms for learning to read diagnostic ultrasound imaging, Simulab continues to be a leading innovator in the field of medical simulation.

With continued efforts towards improving patient safety and healthcare education, we continue to develop new medical task trainers and patient simulations including a complete line of partial task trainers. Simulab is located in Seattle, Washington, USA, just minutes from the highly acclaimed University of Washington School of Medicine. Simulab has 11 United States and two European patents granted, and eight patents pending for medical simulation technology, synthetic anatomy, and videoendoscopic training technology.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Simulab is committed to sustainable waste management through reducing our consumption of materials, encouraging re-use where possible and promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials. We actively recycle office waste paper, cardboard, computers & other electrical equipment, toner cartridges, cans, plastics, glass, raw materials containers, the simulated pericardium and the simulated fat used in the TraumaMan System.

Latex-free Products

Most of Simulab’s products are completely latex-free, however a small number of product components contain latex. To request latex-free alternatives and pricing, contact Simulab.