Digital PICCLineMan Chest X-Rays

Simulab's PICCLineMan™ System offers entry level to expert Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Line training using realistic ultrasound imagery and compatible tissue variations so durable and life-like you can feel the palpable differences.

The PICCLineMan is ultrasoundable, and allows you to train placement in real-time. We also have included digital x-rays, to train on the next step; identifying placement of the line on an x-ray. Provided are real images of the most common placement, from normal to improper placement. 

Click the links below for access to these images: 

Normal PICCLine Placement

PICCLine Placement in the IJ

Coiled PICCLine Placement

Short PICCLine Placement

Looking for replacement tissues for your trainer?  Visit the PICCLineMan Collection Page for options.  

PICCLineMan System with Ultrasound


Images are for training purposes only