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Introducing SimuSkin™

Simulab's Next Level in Soft Tissue Simulation

Simulab Corporation has been the leader in soft-tissue simulation for thirty years, and a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is what drives us. Today, we have reached a new milestone in our journey and are excited to announce a new technology and advancement in soft tissue, SimuSkin™.

SimuSkin is more than just a new tissue; it is the result of our continued research and development commitment to pushing the limits of realism in simulation. This new tissue has been engineered to better mimic human tissue in appearance, feel, and cutting responses. In addition to its unmatched realism, SimuSkin offers increased quality of storage and material integrity.  

We are happy to announce that SimuSkin is now integrated into all soft tissues and consumables on the TraumaMan™ System and, as of today, will be delivered in any orders to our TraumaMan System owners.

Our team is working hard to expand SimuSkin throughout our soft tissue product ranges, and we look forward to rolling those updates out to you soon. 

We hope you will join us at our booth at IMSH 2024 in San Diego for an opportunity to experience this new tissue firsthand, and we look forward to your feedback once you have used SimuSkin in your next training! 

For any questions or to learn more about SimuSkin, please don't hesitate to reach out to your account representative at sales@simulab.com
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