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Simulab's New & Improved Perineal Repair Trainer

The Realistic Soft Tissue Model for Lifelike Perineal Repair and Episiotomy Training

Simulab, a leading provider of healthcare simulation solutions, has announced the release of the new and improved Perineal Repair Trainer. This revolutionary soft-tissue model provides a highly realistic and practical solution for training healthcare professionals in repairing 1st to 4th-degree perineal tears, labial lacerations, catheter insertion, episiotomy and end-to-end or overlap repair.

One of the key features of this innovative product is its realistic anatomy and soft tissue that provides a lifelike suturing experience.

The Perineal Repair Trainer includes:

  • The vaginal and anal canals
  • Urethra
  • Rectovaginal fascia
  • External and internal sphincters
  • Vaginal and rectal mucosa
  • Skin and muscle layers
  • Relevant clinical landmarks

This trainer is now available in light, medium, and dark skin tones to provide a more diverse training experience.

The Perineal Repair Trainer from Simulab is highly realistic and easy to use, set up, and maintain in your simulation center. Its durable replaceable tissues and compact and lightweight design ensure it can be used in any training location.

Simulab has taken this innovative product to the next level by improving its durability, increasing ease of use, and enhancing the realism of the anatomy. As a result, it is a practical solution that will benefit healthcare professionals, students, and educators alike.

The highly realistic anatomy, and easy-to-use design makes the Perineal Repair Trainer an essential addition to any simulation center.

Contact your Simulab Account Representative today at info@simulab.com to learn more!