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PICCLineMan Gets Work Done at AVA

PICCLineMan was a key player at the recent Association of Vascular Access conference training session. The AVA is an association of healthcare professionals founded in 1985 to promote the emerging vascular access specialty. AVA's Annual Scientific Meeting is the premier event dedicated to scientific research and clinical best practices with vascular access.

PICCLineMan was there to help practitioners of every level to increase their PICC line skills. PICCLineMan provides entry-level to expert level PICC line training using realistic ultrasound-guidance to learn vein isolation/selection.

PICCLineMan provides hands-on skill development training for the following:

  • Peripherally Inserted Catheterization using Basilic, Brachial, or Cephalic Veins
  • Using ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Palpable anatomic landmarks clinically relevant for measuring catheter length
  • Multiple X-Rays provided to support student’s pathway in predicting optimum SVC tip position